Modern medicine is always changing, from new medications, to the latest in diagnostic technology. With so many articles and reports on these new breakthroughs, many people assume that such developments in medical care are only in the middle of big cities with a huge medical center, not anywhere accessible to their hometown. However, traditional hospitals are not the only ones making new medical strides. Micro-hospitals are on the rise, and these new facilities are bringing a lot more than just antibiotics to local communities.

As Kyle ER works to become Kyle ER & Hospital, your new neighborhood hospital, we want to introduce our community to micro-hospitals and how important they are for public health.

What are Micro-hospitals?

This is the first question that comes to mind when someone is introduced to a micro-hospital. The term micro-hospital might make you think of a miniature medical facility, but it actually refers to the scope of the hospital, not its physical size.

Micro-hospitals are medical facilities that offer emergency medicine and specialty medical services for their local communities. While traditional hospitals serve large populations, and often in metropolitan locations alone, micro-hospitals can give patients all the amenities of a large hospital, with the personalized care of a concierge facility.

What services can Micro-hospitals provide?

Since micro-hospitals are medical hospitals that serve smaller communities, it might make many people wonder how much they can do. Can micro-hospitals provide in-patient care? What about important medical testing or pharmaceutical services? Can micro-hospitals perform surgeries?

For all of these questions, the answer comes down to each facility. No two micro-hospitals are exactly the same, and since they serve individual communities, the resources each facility has might differ from one another. Certain areas might need a micro-hospital to perform surgeries, and so a facility might have an operating room. Others are focused on diagnostic care and have access to X-Rays and Ultrasound machines to help their patients get diagnosed for treatment.  With the resources available, micro-hospitals can customize their services to better fit what their communities need.

The Equipment of Micro-hospitals

In addition to thorough medical care, micro-hospitals are usually equipped with in-house diagnostic technology. On-site laboratories and imaging mean that whether a patient needs an X-Ray, CT-scan, MRI, or blood test, the micro-hospital they’ve come to can perform these procedures at their facility. Patients typically get their results back very quickly, since a micro-hospital doesn’t have to manage the same long lines and crowds that come from a traditional hospital’s triage system. The accessibility and ease of getting all of your tests and diagnostic imaging on-site makes micro-hospitals pillars of medical care for their communities.

What can my Micro-Hospital treat?

With micro-hospitals offering so many unique and personalized services, it is only natural to wonder what your local micro-hospital can treat. Luckily, Kyle ER has been serving the Kyle community for years, and our expansion to become a micro-hospital later this year means we will be able to offer our patients even more.

As our facility is being upgraded to meet new standards as a micro-hospital, you will see that our usual concierge-level care is still our top priority. Patients of all ages can be seen by a doctor within minutes, and our in-house imaging lab is getting a boost! Our new services will include in-patient capabilities and provide even more new services on the horizon as our micro-hospital continues to grow, with all of the emergency medicine that we are known for. Without compromising our dedication to emergency care, Kyle ER will be growing, to include even more services for our community.

For many communities, micro-hospitals are the difference between timely medical care and none. When large hospitals are far away, local communities don’t get the access they need. Since micro-hospitals are open 24/7, just like larger hospitals, they offer accessible healthcare, no matter the hour or day. They provide vital care for those in need and can offer a variety of services.  

Kyle ER is proud to be providing these important services to all of our patients as we become your new neighborhood hospital. With concierge-level care offered 24/7 and wait times under 5 minutes, we provide personalized medical care for families in need. For more information about our services, click here.

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