Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

This week is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, so we here at Kyle ER wanted to show our appreciation for some of the dedicated, highly-skilled medical laboratory professionals who work in our facility. Medical laboratory professionals are the technicians who specialize in analyzing laboratory testing data. They must be familiar with clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, immunohematology, microbiology, and molecular biology to find out what is ailing our patients and discover the best form of treatment.

In many ways, they’re medical detectives, cracking new diagnostic cases every day.

At Kyle ER, we have Patricia Kea, MLS (ASCP), who works with our on-site imaging and laboratory every day to help diagnose and treat our patients.

As a Medical Laboratory Professional, what is your special role in this facility’s daily patient care?

“My role is to ensure that all lab testing is accurate. Lab results are a large part of a medical diagnosis. Without accurate lab tests, treatment can be delayed or ineffective.”

What is your favorite part of your day?

 “My favorite part of my day at the ER isn’t really a moment. It happens at all hours, no matter what I’m doing, because it just feels nice to know that what I do makes a positive influence on people’s well-being.”

What got you interested in the medical field?

“I always found the healthcare industry to be interesting. I’m shy, so being behind the scenes while I help find the best treatment for patients was the perfect role for me.”

What is your favorite part of working at your facility?

“My favorite part about working at Kyle ER is being able to make a difference where I live. It is so much more worthwhile when I can see the work we do everyday have a positive impact on my neighborhood. I feel more a part of my community working here.”


Kyle ER wouldn’t be the same without our board-certified medical laboratory professionals. This week, join us in celebrating these medical detectives and all that they do to diagnose and treat patients.

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