Youth Lacrosse Safety Tips

This summer, Kyle’s very own Hays Heat Lacrosse is hosting a sports intensive camp! From July 23-26, the Hays Heat is running a lacrosse summer camp to get kids and families pumped up for the new season. Teenagers all over the country are getting interested in lacrosse and joining local teams, like Hays Heat, and to celebrate, Kyle ER wants to give your family a crash course in lacrosse safety.

For Youth Sports Awareness Week, we’re going to discuss the popular sport, lacrosse, and how your kids can get involved while staying safe.

Gear Up!

Lacrosse is often a contact-sport, and when you add in lacrosse sticks and physical contact, it can be a recipe for sprains and strains. To make sure your child stays safe, it is imperative that they get helmets, padding, goggles, and mouth-guards which are properly fitting for them. There are slightly different requirements between boys’ and girls’ teams, so make sure you take note of your child’s needs. But in general, it is a good idea to have:

  • Elbow & Shoulder Pads
  • Field Cleats
  • Gloves
  • Helmets (boys usually require a face guard)
  • Mouthguards
  • Goggles (more common on girls’ teams)
  • Additional head and neck protection if your child is a goalie

Get the Most Out of Your Practice

Before every big game are hours of team practice, so while your lacrosse star is in training, make sure they’re picking up the right habits to get the most out of their warm-ups and scrimmages. Encouraging certain healthy habits at home can help teach everyone in the family how to take care of their bodies. Making sure your child drinks plenty of water everyday can be a good step to making sure they stay hydrated during practice. You can also encourage warm-ups and cool-down stretches by doing some stretches at home before practice even begins, or after practice is over. Keeping the muscles warm and limber is a good way to protect your child from sprains and strains, because it keeps each muscle group flexible and improves blood circulation.

Starting some of these habits at home can encourage your kids and teenagers to get the most out of their practices, and that will make them better equipped to play in every game this season.

Be the Star of the Game

Being a talented lacrosse player means more than just running the fastest or having the best stick skills. It means showing up to every practice and following the rules. For a lot of boys and girls growing up, getting competitive can make it hard to lose. But losing one game doesn’t have to be the end of lacrosse! Make sure you teach your kids how to be good sports and be able to shake their competitors’ hands no matter who wins. All sports should be a fun outlet for your kids, so if you notice them feeling too competitive or getting stressed over games, then talk with them about how to make lacrosse more fun.

During games, it is also important for players and parents alike to watch out for any accidents and injuries. Even when you follow every rule of the game, players can fall or collide and there is always a risk that someone might get hurt. Look for limited movement or bad bruising, which can be signs of severe injuries. If someone is hit in the head, then it is very important to watch for any signs of concussion in players. If parents and teammates are both on the lookout, then it can help everyone have a better game.


Kyle ER is proud of all our local sports teams, like Hays Heat Lacrosse. In the event of any sports injury, our ER is open 24/7 with concierge-level care for adults and children alike.

This blog is written by Maggie Berardo, content writer at Nutex Health.

Nutex Health, Inc. supports you and your family’s health. Come visit Kyle ER or any one of our concierge-level freestanding facilities for the emergency care you deserve, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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