Why we can’t accept Medicare and Medicaid

Why we can’t accept Medicare and Medicaid

Broken leg. Deep, open wounds in need of stitches. Sudden, excruciating migraines.

We’ve all been witness, or victim ourselves, to a medical emergency in our lives. Our first instincts in these situations are to help our loved ones receive the attention they need and payment for life-saving treatment is often the last thing on our minds.

Seeking the proper emergency care for your loved ones doesn’t have to be worrisome or unaffordable when you’ve done your research. Let’s look as to why stand-alone ERs, like Kyle Emergency Room, cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Why we can’t accept Medicare and Medicaid

Unfortunately, this isn’t a choice made by Kyle ER, but by the government. Freestanding ERs are prohibited by federal law from accepting these insurance plans. Unlike traditional emergency rooms, which are connected to hospitals, freestanding ERs often have prioritization agreements with nearby hospitals. For that reason, we are unable to accept Medicare and Medicaid by law. But no patient will ever be turned away when they need emergency attention, despite their ability to pay.

Accepted forms of payment

Medicare and Medicaid are federally funded insurance plans and are different from private insurance, which is funded by private companies. This is an important distinction to remember when visiting freestanding ERs as they do accept most private insurance plans. Some of these providers include Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross and United Healthcare. State law requires that these providers offer an in-network emergency room rate.

Benefits of freestanding ERs

Freestanding ERs have all the benefits of a traditional emergency room, but with dramatically reduced wait times and more readily available staff. It may take hours for you to be seen and treated at a traditional emergency room, which is often time you don’t have in a medical emergency. At a freestanding ER, like Kyle Emergency Center, you can be see, treated and on your way in ten minutes. And while freestanding ERs aren’t directly affiliated with hospitals, they often have agreements allowing their patients to bypass the usual wait if they need to be transferred and monitored overnight. Freestanding ERs also carry state-of-the-art imaging equipment and are fully equipped for surgery, just like a traditional emergency room.

At Kyle ER, we understand the need for fast, compassionate and affordable medical care. We want our patients to be as informed as possible when making a choice about their health care. Let us know some of your experiences at freestanding ERs as opposed to traditional emergency rooms!

Let us know your experience at one of our stand-alone ER centers. Nutex Health, Inc supports you and your family’s healthy living. Come visit us at our convenient location in Kyle for any bump, cold or bruise! We can treat you promptly with our expert team of nurses and highly trained ER doctors.

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