National Women Physician Day: Dr. Amanda Dupont

February 3rd is National Women Physician Day, and to celebrate amazing women in the medical field, we’ve sat down with Dr. Amanda Dupont, Kyle ER’s Medical Director. Dr. Dupont is a skilled doctor who has received her Bachelors and her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Case Western Reserve University, and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Carolinas Medical Center. She has been a valued member of the medical field for about 20 years, since her graduation from Case Western in 1998. Dr. Dupont wanted to share some of her expertise with us, to celebrate women in this important industry.

Question 1: Tell us how you got into medicine. What inspired you to work with emergency care and ERs specifically?

“After graduating college with a Psychology degree, I worked briefly as a research assistant in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. I quickly realized that I was much more interested in the clinical practice of medicine than in clinical psychology.  So I decided to apply to medical school. During my rotations, I was drawn to the fast paced and varied nature of the work in the Emergency Room.  I found the ability to help patients acutely very rewarding.”

Question 2: What do you enjoy most about your work with Kyle ER?

“At Kyle ER, a Free Standing Emergency Room, I really have an opportunity to get to know the patients in this community. I have a little more time to interact with patients than I did when I was working in the busy urban ERs. It’s a great feeling when you can offer a more personal and caring level of service to your patients.”

Question 3: What is your proudest achievement as a doctor?

“First, I would say I was proud to graduate from medical school with honors, becoming a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha honors society. During my clinical practice, I have served as Medical Director of the Emergency Department at two facilities, The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center, and now Kyle ER. Acting as a medical director has given me an opportunity to help shape policy, oversee the general medical care given at the facility, and work with staff to create an efficient, caring and quality work place.”

Question 4: How important do you think it is for women to be in the medical field?

“I believe the field of medicine, as every field for that matter, needs to be represented by intelligent, caring and motivated women. When I went to medical school, about 25% of students nationwide were women. At this point in time, we are approaching 50% of students. I have found the medical community very welcoming of female physicians in all fields. Our perspective and approach to care is vital to a high quality healthcare system for all patients.”

Question 5: Aside from your doctoral skills, are there any other accomplishments that you’re proud of?

“I am proud of the team of high quality staff and physicians we have cultivated at Kyle ER. Going forward, I hope we can expand the services offered to this rapidly growing community. I believe our facility will be an integral part of this exciting growth.”

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